Meso-scale description of wet powders for industrial-scale modelling

Roxana Saghafian Larijani

Host Instituions

University of Twente [ 36 months ]


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Project Description

Methods exist to satisfactorily simulate fully saturated particle systems and systems in the pendular regime with independent liquid bridges. In the last case the liquid provides an additional force between pairs of (meso-)particles. The challenge lies in the intermediate liquid content range. This project aims to develop a meso-particle model to simulate wet systems for all degrees of saturation. The method will be applied to macro-scale processes e.g. agglomeration, granulation and mixing, where the size/type of particles evolves due to the fluid.

Specific objectives are:
  1. Establish and validate contact models between DEM (meso-)particles with varying amounts of liquid (0% to 100%), including liquid migration;
  2. Derive the relation between microstructure and liquid content to be included in the up-scaled meso-particles and wet-flow rheology;
  3. Apply the developed methodologies to selected wet industrial particle processes (granulation, mixing).
Expected Results:
  1. Micro-scale DEM simulation data and proposed contact laws in the pendular/funicular/capillary regimes;
  2. Meso-particle model for agglomeration, breakage, segregation and mixing
  3. Validation by application of models to granulation and mixing at Johnson Matthey and Nestlé.

Research Output