CFD–DEM and PBM simulation of fluidized bed opposed jet mills for particle micronization

Jobin Raju

Host Institutions

Technical University of Braunschweig [ 24 months ]
DCS Computing [ 12 months ]


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Jobin Raju is a naval architect and applied mathematician from India. After completing his bachelor studies in naval architecture from Cochin University, he continued his studies in mathematical modeling at Universita' degli Studi dell'Aquila and Technische Universität Wien (joint degree MATHMODS). He gained experience in solver/library development using C++ and enjoys model development and numerical simulations using OpenFOAM in the domain of multi-phase flows. He is currently working on CFD-DEM modeling and simulation of comminution mechanism in jet-mills at TU Braunschweig together with DCS-Computing.

Project Description

This project studies the dry comminution of particles (down to 5 µm) using high-energy fluidized bed opposed jet mills where the high forces upon entrainment and collision of particle-loaded airborne jets induce particle breakage in an environment with extremely low product contamination.

Specific objectives are:
  1. Investigate fundamental mechanisms of comminution of micro-particles in fluidized bed opposed jet mills using coupled CFD–DEM models;
  2. Conduct experiments to characterise the particle properties and the separating function of the air wheel classifier;
  3. Validation of the simulation on jet mills at the Technical University of Braunschweig and SACMI’s facilities and simulations to inform PBM.
Expected Results:
  1. Literature study and model evaluation;
  2. CFD–DEM particle-scale models of particle motion, stress energy and frequency distributions for jet mill predictions;
  3. Experimental measurements of particle characteristics and separating function, to calibrate and validate the PBM.