Amine Ait Ouazzou

Multiscale models for reconstitution of compacted powders

Host Institutions

Hamburg University of Technology [ 24 months ]
Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. [ 12 months ]

Closing Date:

Monday 15, March 2021


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Compaction of powdered materials is typically performed to improve properties such as bulk density, flowability, dispersability, and stability. Using the knowledge gained through modelling and experiments these properties can be tuned by process to produce high-performance powders. A mesoscale model will be calibrated from the microscale model developed in TUSAIL and will be used for a PBM model, which takes into account all main particle properties, like size and size distribution, form, moisture, strength, rehydration and dissolution.

Specific objectives are:
  1. Develop new understanding of reconstitution of compacted powders;
  2. Develop advanced meso-particle models of reconstitution of compacted powders calibrated using microscale models developed by other ESRs;
  3. Scaling up to inform a macroscopic multi-dimensional PBM modelling considering main particle properties such as size and size distribution, form, moisture, strength and dissolution.
Expected Results:
  1. Literature study and model evaluation;
  2. Mesoscale models for different stages of reconstitution, wetting, sinking, disintegration, calibrated and validated;
  3. Detailed knowledge about the influence of compacted powder properties on their reconstitution bed at Hamburg University of Technology.
  4. Selected industrial applications established, e.g. for roller compactions

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Application is now closed.