Varun Dongre

Time-extrapolation of continuum Two Fluid Model (TFM) simulations of spout fluidized beds

Host Institutions

Johannes Kepler University Linz [ 24 months ]
Hamburg University of Technology [ 12 months ]

Closing Date:

Monday 15, March 2021


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In order to address the widespread challenge of being unable to simulate long durations, this project will further develop the recurrence CFD (rCFD) method (Lichtenegger & Pirker, Chem Eng Sci, 2016) for time extrapolation of TFM simulations of fluidized beds for studying and understanding long-term particle conversion processes.

Specific objectives are:
  1. To study the characteristic time scales and flow pattern in gas–solid fluidized beds;
  2. Conduct rCFD and TFM simulations of a well-documented fluidized bed (pilot scale), provided by Hamburg University of Technology;
  3. Validate long-term conversion/heating predictive capabilities;
  4. Investigate the effect of slowly varying vs. suddenly changing operating conditions and assess the scalability of the rCFD model.
Expected Results:
  1. Efficient method and simulation workflow for time-extrapolation of TFM simulations;
  2. Quantitative comparison/validation of rCFD with traditional TFM simulations of fluidized beds;
  3. Scalability study of very fast rCFD model for fluidized bed processes.

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