Behrad Esgandari

Discrete particle zoom in continuum Two Fluid Model (TFM) simulations of spout fluidized beds

Host Institutions

Johannes Kepler University Linz [ 36 months ]

Closing Date:

Monday 15, March 2021


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In order to address the fundamental challenge that the discrete nature of particles poses for modelling and understanding, in this project we will establish a one-way and (optionally) two-way coupling methodology between a TFM simulation and an embedded discrete particle simulation, which can be placed into an arbitrary sub-region of the computational domain.

Specific objectives are:
  1. Conduct a sensitivity analysis of gas–solid drag correlations for homogeneous and heterogeneous particle arrangements;
  2. Perform CFD–DEM and TFM simulations for a spout fluidized bed to compare with experiments provided by Hamburg University of Technology;
  3. Develop a robust coupling between the discrete and continuum approaches;
  4. Validation of the simulations with experiments at Hamburg University of Technology and BASF to establish predictive capability.
Expected Results:
  1. Numerically robust discrete particle zoom functionality established for TFM simulations;
  2. Accelerated coupled discrete particle–TFM simulations of fluidized beds;
  3. Validation via experiments in fluidized beds at BASF and comparative experiments from Hamburg University of Technology.

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Application is now closed.