Gero Stöckl

DEM–CFD and PBM for dynamic process simulation of fluidized bed agglomeration

Host Institutions

Hamburg University of Technology [ 24 months ]
Process Systems Enterprise [ 12 months ]

Closing Date:

Monday 15, March 2021


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Fluidized beds involve mass, momentum and heat transfer as well as two-phase flow. This project aims to develop an upscaling methodology using a multi-scale particle approach with coupled DEM–CFD simulations providing detailed particle-level information to inform a large-scale PBM model of full-scale fluidized bed agglomeration.

Specific objectives are:
  1. Conduct experimental tests using a Glatt GF25 multi-chamber fluidized bed agglomerator;
  2. Perform DEM–CFD simulations to study the fluid and particle dynamics on the scale of individual particles;
  3. Develop PBM with heat/mass transfer to describe evolution of particle properties for different process configurations and operating conditions.
Expected Results:
  1. Understand the influence of the thermal process conditions on the product quality of granules;
  2. Dynamic flowsheet simulation of interconnected solids processes by continuous fluidized bed agglomeration;
  3. Predictions of fluidization regimes and the residence time distribution validated in a pilot-scale fluidized bed at Hamburg University of Technology.

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Application is now closed.